Gratis standaard aflewering in Kaapstad op bestellings bo R1000


1. What if there are missing or damaged items in the Smaak box?

In the case of any damaged or missing things in your box, please get in touch with our Team and we’ll do our best to make things right!

2. What if I’m not home on the delivery day?

If you’re unexpectedly not at home or work during your delivery day, in some cases, alternative arrangements should be made:

1. Provide the address and contact number of a helpful neighbour that will be home during the delivery window and can accept your package for you.
2. Have the package left at your front door
3. If you live in a complex or in an apartment block or get your box delivered to your work address, we can leave your box with security or reception.
You can specify one of these plans in the special delivery instructions form. When in doubt, get in touch with our Team.

3. Where do you deliver to?

We deliver all over South-Africa depending on roads where Courier Guy can Reach you.
When in doubt, get in touch with our Team.

4. How do I change my delivery address?

You can make changes to your delivery information by contacting our team with the new address, we will have to contact our courier via phone to change address. Extra cost may occur.

5. Can I request a special delivery time?

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate special delivery days and times. Our courier partners plan their own routes in the most efficient way possible and you are welcome to contact the courier directly to get an expected time of delivery using your waybill nr.

6. My delivery is late – what do I do?

If you want to check up on the status of your delivery, or you’re worried that your box may not be delivered, please call our Team, or send us an email at We will follow up with our couriers and provide you with feedback as fast as possible. Please be patient as our couriers will need to track the parcel and get back to us before we can notify you.
If it is after the delivery cut-off time, please reach out so that we can escalate the issue with our courier provider. We will be in touch with you to arrange a convenient delivery or to arrange an alternative solution for you.

7. What are your delivery hours?

Our delivery hours are between 9am and 6pm on weekdays.

8. What are your delivery days?

Delivery only occurs during working days Monday to Friday.
You should receive your delivery within 2-4 working days